Friday, October 11, 2013

Welcome, Spring. Thank you, Eccentric Chai.

When I was a kid, we had a lot of books in the house full of enchanting language, fascinating and way over my head like a balloon caught in a tree. Poems by Sir Walter Scott and Elizabeth Bishop. The Little Prince. Even my mom's piano book of folk songs fascinated me, with its colorful words and strange dilemmas. 

In that spirit, I wrote a children's book. It's for children like me, who like the feeling of words just out of their grasp --  tickling their souls with light.

In my imagination this book is illustrated. Please imagine the most wonderful pictures you can think up to go with the words on the page.

Eccentric Chai, a nifty blog about creativity, selected this piece for honorable mention in their contest for Children's Picture Book Writing. Thanks, Lina!

Welcome, Spring

I’m watching for Spring to come. I’m watching for the moment when Winter gives way.
How will I know when Spring is here?

Will it be like when a baby is born, trumpeted with noise, and mess -- when everything tells us that we are all changed by this new arrival?
Or will it be like the moment a person like you becomes my friend? Something deep arrives between us. We see each other more clearly now.
Will Spring arrive in a moment of green?

Or could I see that Spring arrives before the green -- when snow relaxes into water, when the wind no longer pushes us down into our coats, when the seeds that the birds look for on the ground sink into the mud.

I’m watching for Spring. I am watching, for one moment, then watching still. I’m ready to welcome Spring in whatever costume she decides to wear.
Spring may come back as a queen, in purple crocus regal robes, forsythia bracelets, a crown of sky blue.
Spring may come back like a mud-brown turtle venturing to the pond’s edge, or like tattered leaves edging up from the melting snow, or like the skittering of ice sliding off the roof.
Spring may surprise me with her splendor. She may tiptoe into view. I’m watching closely, as quietly as breathing.
How will I know when Spring is here? I will wait and I will see.

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  1. Beautiful! Nice to see I am in such good company - makes me even prouder of this honorable mention to be grouped with such great writers.