Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nothing more

Listening to pianist Diana Krall perform and talk about songs on her husband's TV show made me want to try my hand at writing lyrics in the elegant, brilliant style of Gershwin, Rodgers & Hart, Cole Porter -- what's now called "The American Songbook."  It's  fiendishly difficult to do well, sort of like trying to juggle flaming chainsaws and kittens. No kittens were harmed in the writing of these lyrics.

Nothing More
Lyrics by A. Lindley, 2011

It was nothing more than infatuation--
Nothing more than a fling--

Nothing more than a jolt like a flower
Bursting through snow in the spring.
It was nothing more than a whirl of romance--
Nothing more than a spin--
Nothing more than a game where you laugh
And cash in your chips when you win.

So why do I stand
With my phone
In my hand
Outside your door in the rain?
Why does my heart
Lacking you
Fall apart
And love you still more through the pain?

It was nothing more than a racing heartbeat--
Nothing more than a spree.
Nothing more than a silly idea
You might be as happy as me.
Nothing more than a boy meets a girl--
Nothing  you could call new.
Nothing more than a boy and a girl
Making a world for just two.

There’s nothing left of infatuation,
Nothing you want from me now.
Nothing to do but speak my last piece
And exit the stage with a bow.
I’ve got no more than a heart that adores you--
Just that, nothing more, I confess.
Nothing more than a wish to live for you--
I’ve got nothing more, nothing less.

Casual Friday for Cole Porter